National strategies

The following government strategies have been published to promote palliative and end of life care in the various countries of the UK:


With around 500,000 people dying in England each year, the 2008 End of Life Care Strategy was the first comphrensive strategy seeking to ensure everyone who needs to palliative care can access it. NCPC worked closely to develop the strategy and we are a member of the Implementation Advisory Board.


The Welsh Assembly established the All Wales Palliative Care Planning Group to determine how to the needs of the 30,000 people who die in the country annually could be better met. The recommendations were published in the ‘Sugar Report’ (Palliative Care Report) in 2008 and Palliative Care Implementation Board leads on implementing its findings. ‘Dying Well Matters’, an initiative encouraging feedback on palliative care services, was launched in 2009.

Northern Ireland

Living Matters, Dying Matters, a 5-year strategy to extend access to palliative care to the 15,000 people who die in N.I each year was published by the devolved government in 2010.


Visit the Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care for more information on Living and Dying Well, the action plan designed to meet the needs of the 55,000 people who die in Scotland each year.

Find out more about the funding of the various strategies here

EOLCS Conference

NCPC conference Beyond the End of Life Care Strategy: Turning Policy into Practice 

Influence local decision makers

We have designed a toolkit to empower local people to push for the right end of life care services following reform of the health and social care system.

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