Past Events

Please find information regarding recent past events that NCPC have held recently below.

Past Events in 2015

Stop, look and listen - Supporting people with dementia and their families at the end of life - 25th March 2015
Effective communication skills are crucial to providing good care for people approaching the end of their lives and in particular, for those with dementia. This workshop ‘Stop, look and listen: supporting people with dementia and their families at the end of life’ was a hands-on, practical day with interactive sessions on practising communications skills, and delegates took away a free copy of the DVD ‘Time to Talk Doc’. 

Making Choice Happen

It is widely acknowledged that choice is important to individuals and those close to them when approaching the end of life. However too many people still do not receive good quality care which meets their individual needs and wishes. The recent independent review ‘What's important to me: a review of choice in end of life care’ sets out the actions required to enable choice, as more needs to be done to make this a reality for everyone.  If you are passionate about end of life care and want to make choice a reality, then this is the conference for you

10th Annual Conference on Dementia and End of Life 

NCPC and our partners have been working for over 10 years to improve end of life care for people with dementia. It is a great step forward that the Prime Minister’s new 2020 Dementia Challenge contains explicit ambitions for end of life care. Now, in the new parliament, there is a real opportunity for us to explore how the impetus of the Challenge can make a difference to the lives of people living with dementia and their carers.

This conference bought together national and international leaders in the field as well as people with lived experience, explored the Challenge’s “I” statements and established how these aspirations can become reality. Delegates heard about national implementation of the Challenge, and learned from a wide range of practical examples from across the country.


Past Events in 2016

Flagship Conference and Awards

The conference, titled ‘An ambitious new world: building the future for palliative and end of life care focussed on the vision for improvement of end of life care, the ambitions for palliative and end of life care report, published in autumn 2015, and aimed to identify what needs to happen in practice to make this a reality. 

Should you have any questions regarding any of our events, please contact Miranda Ryan, Partnerships Manager at or 020 7697 1537.