There is a wide range of ethical issues associated with palliative and end of life care, which often attract considerable public and media attention. Our approach to ethical issues will be based on this foundation:

NCPC believes that the values of all those involved (patients, families, informal and professional carers) should shape the ethical framework of the provision of palliative care. Decisions about appropriate care will be made by balancing duties, rights and ethical principles in each individual case. NCPC places particular emphasis on evidence, equity, dignity and choice when developing its approach to ethical issues.

Recent activities in this area include:

Ethics Forum

We host an Ethics Forum which meets twice a year to discuss ethical issues affecting people approaching the end of life. Members consist of a broad range of professionals and people with personal experience with a background or active interest in ethics. The Forum informs the work we do and ensure it is rooted in good practice and evidence.

It meets jointly with the Ethics Committee of the Association for Palliative Medicine on an annual basis. This is to exchange updates on each of the organisation’s ethics activities and to work together when appropriate.



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Our policy and campaigns work can only be effective if we have the support of professionals working in the field and those with personal experience of using services. Visit the Get Involved section to find out how you can help us to influence the decision-makers and improve practice on the ground.

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